SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh

SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh
SEO service company in bangladesh 
is the leading SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh. We have vast and valid world class experience which is very important to rank your website in SERP (Search Engine Result Page)! If you need an online marketing expert, then you come to right place because we are the leading SEO company in bangladesh . We will provide you the best SEO service for your local & international business. We are professional and dedicated to our work. We always provide the best service for our valuable clients. We are the best SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh not only work on local SEO but also work for international arena. If you’re looking for someone who can give you those results and return on asset then you come to the right place. As a SEO service in Bangladesh we will provide you the best SEO service for your website. SEOGURUBD also provide the Best SEO Training in Bangladesh.


What Does we (SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh) Do?


SEO service provider in Bangladesh
SEO service company in bangladesh

As a leading SEO Service in Bangladesh we mainly help you to get your business top on search engine Ranking. Our team is very much dedicated to their work. They know how to drive targeted traffic for your local & international business. SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh can create good content & high quality back-links for your website. Every-day we analyze your website to get better result for your business. if you want to run a new business the we are ready to build a new website for & ranked in the search engines. A high quality website can make your business successful. If you want to build a highly successful website you need good Search Engine Optimization knowledge. As a best SEO company in Dhaka,  Bangladesh we are ready to work with you for build your website & ranked in search engine. So come to us & make a highly profitable business website.


Why You Need an SEO Service Provider


In this online world every company needs SEO experts to rank their website at the top of search engines. It’s not a easy job because search engine change their algorithm every year. Google always update their ranking factors. They are now use more than 200 ranking factors on their algorithm. So it’s not an easy job to do. Our SEO services are norm designed for your website. We are always ready to drive targeted traffic for your website.

Our Ambition


As a best SEO service provider in Bangladesh we follow the latest search engine guideline during SEO service. We always discover out your adjoining contestant and its all activities and create high class back-link with white hat method.

Our (SEO service provider in Bangladesh) ambition is…


  • Give your selling the experience it deserves by dominating the rankings in Search Engines.
  • Our services help you to provide more customers to your website than any other online marketing strategies.

Why You Choose SEO Guru


We are the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh. If you are looking for best SEO service for your business or personal website, then you come to right place. Because we are very much dedicated to our work & getting you top on search engine results. We have a big team for SEO work with writers, designers and developers include technical leads. We believe in building in long term relationship with our valuable client.


SEO GURU Services include the following:

SEO Consultants

SEO Consultants is very much important for business strategy. Our SEO consultants are very much determined about their work. We have our own step by step guideline for our SEO workSEO service provider in Bangladesh will provide you a full analysis of your business website.


What We Do as a SEO Consultant?

Select long tail keyword for your website.

Use Google analytics.

Audit your website.

Redesign your website.

Remove bad links.

Build link for your website.

Monitor your website links.

Research your competitor for better result.

Keyword research


Keyword Research is the most important and valuable part for search engine ranking. Keyword can make or break your website. SEO service provider in Bangladesh knows how to select long tail keyword for your valuable website & boost your sell rapidly.


How We Do Keyword Research


We always make a important & relevant keyword list about your business.

We fill your topics with selected keyword.

Research related search term for better results.

We always try to select long tail keywords.

Analyze your competitor to see how your competitors are ranked.

Using Google keyword planner for your specific keyword list.

Using paid software for more specific result.

SEO Audits


SEO audits are very much important for your business website. Our SEO audit team will find your website error & tell you how to fix error. Our team is ready to build your website foundation properly & increase your website traffic rapidly.

How We Do SEO Audits

Identify bad URL.

Check your mete tags.

Monetize your robots.txt.

Website accessibility

Crawling XML sitemaps.

Check site structure.

Checking for user friendly navigation.

Page speed check.

Fix your website.

Website Indexability


Check your site command.

Search your website.

Penalty checking.

Identify penalty reasons.

Fix your website.


SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh

On-page ranking factors


Check your URL.

Check H1, H2 & H3 tags.

Checking keyword density.

Checking page title, description.

Optimize image.

Off-page ranking factors


How to gain traffic.

Check backlink profile.

Check backlink authority sites.

Check websites social engagement.

Website competitors analysis


Help you to write for multiple audience.

Provide you about compitetors suggestions.

On Page SEO


Without on page SEO you cannot increase your traffic. On page SEO is very much important to rank your website in search engine. We can provide best on page SEO such as Meta description, title tag, keyword density, robots.txt, webmaster etc. We also solve your broken links issue.


How We Do On Page SEO for Better Search Engine Result

We always include your keyword on page title.

Include your keyword on Meta Description for better click through rate.

Make user friendly URL structure including keyword for better result.

Start title tag with your keyword.

Using Google friendly H1, H2, H3 Body tags.

We always maintain keyword density for better search engine result.

Optimize your website image with alt tags.

Interlinking your website for increase Google page rank.

Link Building

Link building is the most important part for drive targeted traffic to your website. Proper link building will drive organic traffic to your site & boost up your sell. SEO service provider in Bangladesh knows how to build high quality back-links to your valuable website.


How We Do Link Building for Your valuable Website?

Comments on high page rank blog.

Using article directory.

Publish guest post with signature.

Use infographics for better results.

Posting on forum with signature. Etc.

Content Marketing


Content marketing is the most valuable part for website ranking. Content is king. High quality content will turn visitors into sell. Our content writer is very experienced in their field. They know how to create a proper content for increase your sell.

How We Do Content Marketing

Using infographics

Publish high quality article.

Increase social media sharing.

Generate backlinks.

Penalty Recovery


Lots of website has been panelized everyday on Google. Our team “SEO service provider in Bangladesh” is very experienced to penalty recovers from Google. We are also experienced in link audits & Back-link reviews. We have helped a lot of sites get well from Google penalties such as Panda plus Penguin.


How we Recover from google penalty

We will find your all backlinks.

Make a list of all bad backlinks.

Remove those links.

We will track your email address.

Work with remaining links.



Now Info-graphics & Interactive Content is very important to grab organic traffic. Our designer can create original Info-graphics for your brand which can boost your sell.


How We Do Infographics Marketing


We choose right topic for infographics marketing.

Create valuable content for infographics.

Design your infographics.


Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is very important to grab more traffic for your valuable website. Our team SEO service provider in Bangladesh understands the importance of social media marketing. We can help you expand your message across all social media platforms.


How to Do Social Media Marketing

We will improve your social signals which are also important for search rankings.

Branding your company using social media.

Listing your social media.

Marketing your content.

Increase traffic via social media.

Create add for best results.

Website Analysis


We love to analyze your website data to understand our improvement & how to improve more. SEO service provider in Bangladesh provides monthly reports on visibility, analytic and value, so that you can measure your SEO investment & determine your goal.


Why You Need to Analyze Your Website?

Optimize your website links (internal & external).

Add missing tags.

Monetize your title, Meta, H1, H2 & H3 Tags.

Find websites errors.

Fix website problems for better rankings.


If you’re really looking for an SEO Guru to help your website & boost your targeted traffic you can contact us. SEO service provider in Bangladesh is ready to solve your website SEO. We the SEO service provider in Bangladesh is available to discuss your online marketing needs & ambitions for your website anytime.