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I am 8 years experienced Best SEO Boss and if you searched About Taher on Google you will find me who I am. I have a vast knowledge of SEO and marketing to help businesses grow online.

If you are looking for the best SEO Professional for Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, and marketing services to boost your business online, I am here to help you. I am a proven SEO Expert in Bangladesh with tremendous experience in SEO, SMM, and Email marketing who’ll walk with you all through.

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What Our Clients About Best SEO Boss

SEO Gur BD deserves the right to tell about himself as I found him committed to his work and I am fully satisfied.
Anny Doly
Anny Doly
Business means to make money and Taher helps me to do that perfectly. Hope you the best for next time also. Take Care.
Nail Patt
Daniel johnson
People always like people who are very sincere in their work and Taher is all about that. Thanks, SEO Pro, I am grateful to you.
Stuart Janny
Stuart Jany
It was marvelous for me what as the Best SEO Boss, he does. I will hire him again to get such kind of work. Good day!
Jammy Liana
Jammy Liana

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I can help to make your project successful. Let’s chat about what I can build and raise together.

Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Let us together build a rising business

When connected with me, I am always with you to aid. I always try to back my clients and put in my best afford to contribute to the growth of your entire team and organization. So, if you are interested to work with an enthusiastic person that’ll help you to build a good internet presence and generate more revenue, I am right here!

How Taher is the Best SEO Boss in Bangladesh?

If anyone wants to say, he is the best, then has to prove it anyway. 

In the era of the internet, information is very easy to get and anyone from any part of the World can just search on Google and find the answer at glance and check the statement whether it is right or wrong?

It is just one part of the game.


But the other part is the most dangerous as it is mine and to be 100% genuine and fair to the audience, the real and true proof is needed, otherwise people will start to say “mental” in a word.

Don’t be afraid!

As I have said, anyhow, I will show you the proof of mine as an SEO Boos not only in Bangladesh but also all over the world.

If you search on Google writing the keyword “SEO Guru BD“, then I am damn sure that the name you will find in the SERPs of the Giant Search engine Google, will see the name, Mohammad Taher Ali undoubtedly.

86 / 100