Who is The Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh 2023

If you are interested in WordPress SEO Expert, I would love to assist you or would you like to rank your WordPress site higher on Google but are tired a lot of finding a perfect Search Engine Optimizer for the Best CMS-based website WordPress, then be cool.

Just get in touch with the Best WordPress SEO expert in Bangladesh to get the ultimate result.

Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh

Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh

I am a strong believer in the White Hat method, which focuses on Website Audit, Planning, Keyword Research, On-Page, Technical and Off-Page Optimization, and reporting.

Best SEO expert in Bangladesh does not believe in word but the proof documents.

As you have landed here anyway, you will prove it yourself.

As an SEO expert in Bangladesh, I have already ranked many WordPress sites on the SERPs of Google and can guarantee you to do the same for your WordPress site also.

Why SEO Guru BD is the Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh?

As an SEO Genius, Guru is different from the so-called WordPress experts as I focus much more on learning to become aware of the Google Algorithm and make rich myself to provide business-friendly SEO services for WordPress websites.

If you visit the WordPress site SEO Guru BD, you will find that I have optimized all of the pages of this site by following the rules and regulations of the Search Engines and every post and page got a Rank Math score of more than 85 which is very important if you want to rank your page on the SERPs.

I hope, this will help you to make a decision about the Search Engine Optimization quality of WordPress Guru BD.                

Many people want to make more money by holding the job more time.

But I hate this type of work.

But I don’t want to retain my clients for a long time, the I will teach you everything from time to time so that you can do the basic SEO of your site yourself. I always care about the ROI of the business.

That’s why I do my work in such a way that my clients will get more return than investment.

My Experience with WordPress and Rank Math

I have been working with SEO professionals since 2015 and with WordPress since 2018.

In addition to the WordPress SEO service, I can even set up the WordPress site with Domain, and Hosting and can optimize various themes and plugins also.

WordPress SEO Guru BD has deep knowledge of the various SEO Plugins.

As an Optimizer I will show you the complete On-Page optimization using Rank Math Plugins where I will increase the SEO Score from  the very poor to the highest level.

No doubt that this whole process will increase your confidence and faith on the Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh.

I hope you will enjoy the complete WordPress SEO process very much as this is unique in this internet platform.

WordPress Rank Math SEO Plugin Installed

WordPress Rank Math Installation and Setup

WordPress Rank Math Installation and Setup

As I claimed myself WordPress Guru, I have no alternative but to prove it.

So, I am on the way to providing you with all the evidences.

The above picture is the best proof of using Rank Math SEO Plugins.

If you look at the left side of the image, you will see that the Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh have already installed Rank Math which is present there with all its feature like the dashboard, analytics, general settings, Titles and meta, Sitemap settings, Instant Indexing, Role Manager, 404 Monitor, Redirections, SEO Analysis, Status & Tools, Help & Support, etc. 

Here I have installed Rank Math SEO Plugins following all the necessary steps that are guided by the Rank Math authority.

So, this is another proof that I can install WordPress SEO Plugin and can optimize it properly as per the requirements.

Again if you see the image deeply, then you will find that I am on the dashboard of the Rank Math where there are some other features also like Site Analytics, SEO Performance, Keyword, Rank Tracker, and Index Status. 

You may ask me the question why the Best WordPress SEO Experts in Bangladesh have chosen Rank Math SEO?

Though there are many WordPress Search Engine Plugins I have chosen Rank Math as it is the best among all.

If you optimize every part of the page, you will observe that the SEO Score will improve gradually.

SEO Guru BD Rank Math Score

SEO Guru BD Rank Math Score

In this image, Rank Math Score is only 2 out of 100.

It is shown in the top right corner of the image.

If you look on the right side of the image, you will see there are two options, one is edit snippet and another one is focus keyword.

We still didn’t do anything on the edit snippet and our focus keyword box is empty.

It means we didn’t set our focus keyword.

If the Best WordPress SEO Experts in Bangladesh fix this two, our Search Engine Optimization score will increase a lot and if you continue reading this post, you will see it immediately.

Taher WordPress SEO Magic

Taher WordPress SEO Magic

The interesting thing just started here. What did we see in the previous image?

SEO Score was only 2 out of 100!

But if you look at the above right corner of this image, you will notice that SEO Score dramatically increased from 2 to 50!

Don’t believe it? Just scroll above and check again.

How Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh  did achieve it?

This is the magic of On-page SEO.

Here we did some major changes and got this result.

If you are interested, then look at deeply the image.

First of all, I set the focus keyword Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh which is red-circled on the image.

Then I fix the Title Tag, Url, and Meta description properly.

In the title tag, I try to set the main keyword very first of the title.

For setting URL SEO optimized, I set it as short as possible because short URL is Google friendly now.

Here the Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh always give more emphasis on the Meta description because it helps to get more CTR.

I set the Meta description within 155 to 180 characters where the seed keyword is placed very first of the description.

If you focus on the image, then you will see that all three are green in color.

It means that everything is done properly and SEO Score jumps drastically from 0 to 50.

How Rank Math Score reaches the Optimum?

Final Score Of WordPress SEO

Final Score Of WordPress SEO

In the previous image, you found that the Rank Math score was 50 but in this image, you see that score has increased to the optimum 86 dramatically.

But how do we get this fantastic result?

The whole process of archiving this Green Score:

If you go through the Rank Math or any other search engine optimization Plugins, you will not find this kind of pattern.

I just do it myself to show you the overall result and how I increase the score.

If you inspect the left side part of the above image, then on the top you will find the total score is 86 out of 100 in the green bar.

Just below the score, you will view the green-colored focus keyword Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh.

After that, you will see the basic SEO Part where ‍all are good and everything is green.

Firstly you will see that focus keyword in the title and then in the Meta description also.

Here I have used the focus keyword in the URL, the first 10% of the content, and written a good length article.

So, if you want to get the Basic SEO signal green, you have to follow these.

In the second part of the image, there are some additional features.

To get a good score I have to fulfill the following requirements. 

Here I place the focusing keyword in the subheading, in the image attribute, and maintain keyword density near 1%.

Even the Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh put URLs within the limited character, linking to external resources and creating one do-follow link.

Furthermore, I use links to the other resources on this site and have not used the focus keyword before.

Due to maintaining all of the above criteria, Rank Math Score got maximum points.

Again, on the 3rd part of the image, there are two more features Title Readability and Content readability.

In the Title Readability, I focus keyword Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh at the beginning of the SEO title, use the positive sentiment “Best” in the title, use two power words like “Best” and “Expert” and use a number in my search engine optimization title.

For the above reasons, my Title Readability features are all good and green.

If you look at the Content Readability feature, you will find here that I have used short paragraphs and images also.

As a result, content readability is also fine.

Final Word for the Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh.

I can say if you are still here with great patience, then you have a bright future for your business because of your perfect choice.

I can assure you that, nobody in Bangladesh can fix the WordPress search engine optimization On-page optimization in this way.

As I told you earlier that I will give you the proof of being the Best WordPress SEO Expert in Bangladesh. 

That’s why I wrote this detailed process step by step so that you can get a clear idea about me and people who want to learn WordPress SEO Service properly.

91 / 100

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